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Greetings arcade racers!

A lot of the required features are now implemented in Total Arcade Racing which has given us the chance to focus on adding more content. Since the last news update we’ve added 3 new courses, 1 car and 1 new game mode. Mac support has become a more frequent request and since v0.7.3 you can enjoy Mac support through Steam. Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions for Total Arcade Racing, keep it coming and we’ll try our best to deliver on it.

Latest updates

Since the last news post we’ve released 9 updates. Here are some of the highlights in the updates.

New course - Suburbia

Inspired by the car mats you had as a kid we created a course with a suburb style. Here is a short clip of how it was made.

New course - Mishap Station

Ever since we added the train crossing in Endless mode, we wanted to create a level with a train in it. After a lot of experimenting, we created Mishap Station where you can optionally drive on the train track but most of the time it’s a really bad idea.

New course - Bridgeton

A fast-paced course with a lot of twists and bends. Fits the new F1 inspired car perfectly.

New car

A new F1 inspired car has been added with very little drift and massive acceleration. This is a perfect choice on narrow courses with a lot of turns and bends.

Delivery game mode

Inspired by capture the flag style gameplay you need to pickup a box and bring it to the delivery zone as fast as possible. Other players can steal your box by hitting it! Currently this is a multiplayer only game mode but maybe we should add single player and a Hall of fame leaderboard to this mode also?

Keep the feedback coming

Send feedback either through the Steam forums or drop by our Discord Server to have a chat with us and the community.

Detailed change log


* Added new mode: Delivery
* Improved: Tweaked car SFX added more bass to various sounds to increase the depth.


* Added new course: Suburbia.
* Improved: Changed order of Docky cup PRO and Train Wreck Cup PRO since Docky is harder.
* Improved: Added more flags.
* Improved: Using icons for power-ups instead of just plain text.


* Added new Cup: Train Wreck Cup PRO.
* Fixed Bug: Rewarded stars was shown in the middle of race results on the Race Completed screen.


* New feature: Added unlock animation when you unlock a new championship.

* Improved: When a multiplayer race starts the sound of the car engines is a bit too loud during the count down.
* Improved: Added a next championship button if you manage to win the championship you are in. Makes it easier for people to keep racing.
* Improved: Replaced “Race again?” text in Championship mode with more information on how many races are left.

* Fixed bug: If no gamepad is plugged it shows A next to next course when you complete a Time Trial race.


* New Course added: Bridgeton

* Improved: Improved AI in Destruction Derby and made it more interesting to play against.
* Improved: Added a max limit to how far behind you can be from the leader in Elimination mode before you get eliminated. This prevents dragged out races if the last 2 cars are driving very slowly.
* Improved: Ghost cars fade in when a race starts.

* Fixed bug: Some road sprites didn’t have a perfect pixel match causing tiny edges to appear.


* Published Mac build on Steam

* New feature: Added steering assist with the option to disable it in settings.

* Improved: Added Fast Forward feature to Destruction Derby & Elimination. This allows you to fast forward when only the AI remains.

* Fixed bug: On screens that do not use aspect ratio16:9 there is a bug in Unity that causes issues with UI remaning on screen edges. We’ve added a workaround for this so it clears the screen border.
* Fixed bug: In Demolition Derby car outlines was showing all the time.
* Fixed bug: Roadster was allowed in AM championships.


* New F1 inspired car added..

* Improved: Tweaked car values.
* Improved: Slightly improved handling for cars. Making it easier to make tiny adjustments while you drive.

* Fixed bug: Start position of Pace cars was not correct on Mishap station.
* Fixed bug: Leaderboard cannot handle introduction of new cars. This happens if the user has a version that does not include a new car.


* New Course added: Mishap Station.

* Improved: Rail road crossing signals are now elevated so you cannot collide with them.
* Improved: Reduced AI wobbling when passing other cars.
* Improved: The respawn feature used if you get hit by a train or drive into water will now respawn the car in the direction it should be driving in.
* Improved: Added more flags.
* Improved: Tweaked course times to get 3 stars.
* Improved: Increased the starts required to unlock Lambo with 1.

* Fixed bug: Cars do not respawn after train crashes.
* Fixed bug: If a time trial course doesn’t contain any Hall of fame entries then starts are not shown just the leaderboard.


* New feature: Added option to disable gamepad vibrations.

* Improved: Improved the initial car acceleration so it would feel less stuck when you hit the accelerator.
* Improved: Added more flags to country selection.

* Fixed bug: If you let go of the accelerator and hit grass your car will stop almost instantly.
* Fixed bug: If you drive into the water then you’re car will be more sluggish to turn when it respawns.
* Fixed bug: Fast forward causes some tiny issues with the AI driving ability.

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