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Coming out of Early Access

Hi-ya arcade racers!

We’ve set the release date of Total Arcade Racing to 7th of May 2021. It will be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch simultaneously. On Steam it won’t be that dramatic since the game is already available as Early Access so we’ll pretty much just flip the switch and it will be released.

On Monday we’ll be bringing the price up to the planned release tag which is 9.99$. We do this in order to have the ability to have a release discount of 30% on launch. So if you plan to buy the game then either do it before Monday or wait until the release to get the best deal.

Latest updates

Since the last news post we’ve released 10 updates. Here are some of the highlights in the updates.

Support for keyboard mapping

The most frequent request we’ve had is the ability to remap the keyboard. Implementing remapping of keyboards isn’t as easy as it sounds but we think that we did a pretty good job in our implementation.

New course - Jungle Rally

We set out to create a new biome and after playing around with various concepts we decided to create a jungle style course. On this course you’ll drive on a dirt road where the offroad cars have an edge compared with the other cars that will slip around a lot more.

New course - Jungle Leap

Jumps are always fun in levels but they are pretty hard to get properly incorporated into levels. But on the jungle course they feel just right.

New course - Lost in Suburbia

The suburbia style level was a great addon and we decided to create another course with a similar concept but with a lot more track. This is probably the longest track we’ve done so far which covers most of the screen 🙂

Endless love

Endless mode has been somewhat lacking when it comes to variation and also how traffic worked. So either it was time to toss this mode all together or get it updated. We decided to keep the mode and put in a lot of effort to make it better. There is still room to improve it with more variation and tuning but we’re pretty happy with the result now.

Keep the feedback coming

Send feedback either through the Steam forums or drop by our Discord Server to have a chat with us and the community.

Detailed change log


* Improved: Increased variation of endless blocks spawned.
* Improved: Added new section to endless mode.
* Improved: More variation in traffic level in Endless Mode


* Improved: Added new section to endless mode.
* Improved: AI can now recover on the Jungle Leap course if it jumps too short.


* Added new Course: Jungle Leap.
* Added new music track.

* Improved: CPU players pick a random country flag instead of using the players country flag.
* Improved: A low skill CPU player would hit the brakes directly after boosting. Now the CPU player will not brake after they hit the boost no matter which skill level they have.


* New feature: Support for keyboard remapping.


* New Course: Jungle Rally.
* Added new section to endless: Avenue suburbia style.
* Improved: Adjusted off-road performance on most cars.


* Fixed bug: If you win the last pro championship and select to race next championship then you can race an AM Cup with a too good car.
* Fixed bug: Car explosions pushes other cars in championship mode. This should not happen is this mode.
* Fixed bug: Lost in Suburbia was missing in Hall of fame.


* New Course: Lost in Suburbia


* Improved: Increased auto steer correction range slightly.
* Fixed Bug: Fixed various bugs on Nintendo Switch.


* Added new Delivery Course.
* Fixed bug: Cars should stop in Destruction Derby mode also when finished.


* New feature: Added setting to force the game to use offline mode. In offline mode no score is sent or received.

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